During 2019, Sevilla will be the Capital of the CVA, positioning the Andalusian city in the spotlight of the Space Industry. This is the main reason for 2018 to be of unprecedented importance in the development of the industry in the region.

Within this context, EUROAVIA Sevilla will take part in the plan of space activities started by the Municipality of Sevilla, keeping a relevant position playing a fundamental role, already shown during the last edition of the World Space Week to raise awareness of the city as the third biggest aeronautical hub in Europe.

Between the 4th and 10th of March 2018, the “Escuela Superior de IngenierĂ­a de Sevilla” will host the well-awaited Space Symposium, an event where EUROAVIAns from among the 42 European Universities that integrate our network will join the local students and industry in a journey to outer-space: Technical presentations, entrepreneurship workshops, and soft-skills sessions will make of this event the greatest ever done.

Last but not least, this event will be an opportunity to bring Europe closer to the Sevillian culture, a place where the locals are acclaimed to be warmer than the sun.

Do not miss the chance to join such a life-changing event, fasten your seatbelts… Mars, here we go!