General Application Procedure  

1. The applicant reads, understands and accepts the general application rules.

2. The applicant fills in the application form on the website and sends it to EUROAVIA Sevilla by clicking the SEND button. By filling in the application form, the applicant confirms her/his participation in the event.

3. EUROAVIA Sevilla will ask the applicant’s AS/PAS/PPAS/AM/PAM/PPAM for a membership confirmation of the applicant. By confirming the membership, the Local Boards becomes responsible of the actions of the confirmed member.

4. The applicant pays the participation fee of 110€ to EUROAVIA Sevilla.

5. As soon as EUROAVIA Sevilla receives the participation fee, the applicant will be fully confirmed which will be shown in the participants list.

6. After the end of the event, the applicant will get a participation document. In case the applicant cancels his/her application after the cancellation deadline or does not show up at the event, his/her AS/PAS/PPAS/AM is responsible for paying to EUROAVIA Sevilla the deposit of the participation fee (110€).

7. If EUROAVIA Sevilla could not finance expenses with a loss over than 500€, an extra fee of 10€ could be asked at the end of the Symposium.

Download the Space Symposium Application Rules